Provisional Translation

  • He is the Most Glorious
  • O Ye beloved friends of His Beauty!
  • God has made the love of His friends
  • as equal to the love of Himself
  • and the showing of kindness to His friends,
  • as equal to service to the Creator.
  • Therefore, Ye should love the friends
  • with all your hearts and souls
  • and offer up your lives for one another.
  • Deny them not any service.
  • Do not consider any hardship to be too difficult.
  • Let each one become the beloved of one and all,
  • and the object of one another’s attention.
  • This is the requirement of love
  • and the foundation of amity.
  • O Thou loving father, O thou well beloved sons.
  • Praise God that all of you are under the Shelter of God
  • and united in spirit.
  • 'Abdu’l-Bahá


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