Provisional Translation

IN THE MARGIN: He is God. Nayriz. Mirza Agha Mulla Muhammad Shafí, May Bahá’u’lláh’s blessing be upon him.

  • He is the Most Glorious!
  • O Thou servant who is supplicating God!
  • Beseech God that you may attain
  • the good pleasure of the Blessed Beauty
  • and be confirmed by Him.
  • All of the friends, whether near or far,
  • are well informed of what has been
  • and what still makes Him pleased.
  • Beyond this it is obvious and observable,
  • in the written Divine and indisputable tablets
  • that the primary Divine Principal and goal,
  • The Holy Will of God, is none other
  • than the unity of all the peoples of the world,
  • that the Oneness of the entire human race,
  • composed of all the diverse, antagonistic
  • and distinct ethnic groups prevails
  • to the extent that God’s Word “Unity”
  • is embodied and characterized on all levels,
  • so that this earthy kingdom mirrors the Heavenly Kingdom.
  • 'Abdu’l-Bahá


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