Provisional Translation

  • In the Name of the Lord of the World!
  • O Friends!
  • The Lord says: Today is not the Day of Oration.
  • Listen to the Call of the Peerless Friend.
  • Embrace what makes the servants awake and free.
  • The Words of all prophets are revealed.
  • Read the Books of the Desire of the World.
  • In this day, the Sun of Spirit arose
  • from the Heaven of Proof and is shining.
  • It behooves thee to purify thy ears
  • from the discourses of the world
  • in order to discover the Words of the Prophets
  • that are revealed in this Announcement.
  • The religion of Thy Lord has appeared
  • and His Hand is visible.
  • Say O Servants: Hasten Ye! The Beckoner has come.
  • The Transcendent Observer has come
  • and has revealed the Straight Path.
  • It is incumbent upon everyone who hears this Call
  • to pronounce with the Tongue of the Spirit:
  • O Lord! Thy Call has revived and given life to the world.
  • My face is turned toward Thee
  • and my soul hungers for Thy Presence.
  • Thy letter was received:
  • The light of love is gleaming from it
  • and the fragrance of kindness is spreading from it.
  • Be firm in the service of the Cause of God,
  • the Majestic, the Glorified!
  • Impart the Glad-Tidings of the Manifestation of Light
  • and the re-emergence of the One Who Spoke on Mount Sinai.
  • May they discover the Path of God with you guidance
  • and find what they seek in the Sea of The Lord’s Generosity.
  • Say O Priests:
  • The Lord of the World has come.
  • His Path is distinct from other paths.
  • His Word is distinct from other words.
  • Listen and come.
  • There is no match for this Victorious Day.
  • This is the Word of God.
  • 'Abdu’l-Bahá


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