Provisional Translation

  • O my God, O my God!
  • Verily this plant hath yielded its fruit
  • and standeth upright upon its stalk.
  • Verily it hath astounded the farmers
  • and perturbed the envious.
  • O God, water it with showers
  • from the cloud of Thy favors and
  • Cause it to yield great harvests heaped up
  • like unto mighty hills in Thy land.
  • Enlighten the hearts with a ray shining
  • forth from Thy Kingdom of Oneness,
  • Illumine the eyes
  • by beholding the signs of grace, and
  • gratify the ears by hearing the melodies
  • of the birds of Thy confirmations
  • singing in Thy heavenly gardens,
  • so that these souls may become
  • like thirsty fish swimming
  • in the pools of Thy guidance
  • and like tawny lions
  • roaming in the forests of Thy bounty.
  • Verily, Thou art the Generous,
  • The Merciful,
  • The Glorious and the Bestower.
  • 'Abdu’l-Bahá
  • Source: Remembrance of God p. 110 #105.


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