Provisional Translation

  • He is the Most Glorious!
  • O thou who art firm in the Covenant! By God, verily the inmates of heaven praise those who are firm and steadfast in the Covenant of God.
  • They are the Lord’s saints and chosen ones.
  • They are the guardians of His Book and Tablets, the holy ones among His people and the delivered ones.
  • Be truly glad and happy in Thy Lord’s grace since He has confirmed thee and trained thee in anticipation of this difficult day and this lucid and radiant Cause, and enlightened thee with light radiating from the manifest horizon.
  • O God! Assist Thy chosen ones to spread Thy Word amongst the peoples of the world. Thou art verily the All-Bountiful.
  • Make them wellsprings of refreshing waters and pure drafts.
  • Thou are the Most Generous.
  • What ye have written was considered.
  • I thank the Lord that the friends in that region are faithful to the Covenant and are delighted with the light of the shining star and are free from discord and schism. Soon the Lord will confirm them with hosts of the Concourse on High and will assist them with the Angels of Heaven.
  • If it is possible, and it is not too much trouble for him, it would be very appropriate for His Excellency Agha Mírzá Ahmad Ali to take a trip to Rafsanjan. It will also be appropriate if you (Shafi) would accompany him on a trip to Jahrom, because the winds of sedition have blown from India to both Rafsanjan and Jahrom.
  • We have caught the scent of what has drifted to these areas.
  • We beseech God to guard His True Servants from this affliction.
  • (And concerning the land that they want to endow as Huqquq, it is permitted. )
  • Upon thee be Glory.
  • If thou were aware of how numerous the affairs, tribulations and calamities are, I swear by the Ancient Beauty, may my soul be sacrificed for His friends, then thou would never expect me to write a word!
  • Yet consider how much my heart is attracted to the love of the divine friends that this letter was written despite all of this.
  • Upon thee be the glory!
  • 'Abdu’l-Bahá


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