Provisional Summary Translation

Excerpts from a tablet from Bahá’u’lláh to Mullá Muhammad Shafí:

  • Today the seen and unseen world are illumined
  • with the effulgence of the Sun of Truth
  • and all created things are calling
  • the people of the world to this lofty station.
  • Blessed are they who with His aid and assistance
  • will arise in His service
  • to guide the people of the world to this path.
  • O Muhammad Shafí, the Tongue of Grandeur testifies
  • to your attraction to and your recognition of Him.
  • Hear ye the call of this Wronged One.
  • I beseech God to assist you under all conditions
  • that you may be able, armed with the hosts of
  • utterance and wisdom, to guide those who have
  • gone astray to this eternal faith and to
  • this heavenly home.
  • Impart the greetings of this Wronged One
  • to the inhabitants of that land.
  • Praised be God, each has achieved what has no equal.
  • Rejoice and share with all your relatives the Glad Tidings.
  • Each one has been mentioned
  • and for each one has been revealed
  • from the Horizon of Bounty
  • that which will remain forever.
  • Bahá'u'lláh


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