Provisional Translation

  • He is the Most Great and the Most Holy.
  • O Muhammad Shafi,
  • thou who hast interceded on behalf of others,
  • the Pardoner noticed thee from His most radiant habitat,
  • the place wherefrom the Possessor of Destiny speaks
  • regarding the mysteries of what is and what has been.
  • We sent thee a tablet to which nothing equals.
  • This is yet another tablet which hath issued forth from My guarded tablet.
  • Art thou able to thank God appropriately?
  • No, by My Hidden Knowledge
  • in this praiseworthy abode We thank God on behalf of our loved ones.
  • O Shafi!
  • Today is the Day of the greatest bounty.
  • The rain of compassion is falling continuously from the clouds of mercy.
  • Happy is he who hath achieved the knowledge of God.
  • O thou who hast turned toward this Cause,
  • the Call of God hath been raised and the people have gone astray.
  • In this Day, steadfastness in the Cause is the greatest deed.
  • Blessed is the person who attaineth this.
  • Remind the friends of this high and exalted station
  • so that like the buzzing of insects, the enemies of God
  • do not deprive them of the Lord of Repentance.
  • Since we observed that a single word
  • can deprive the soul of the entire Mother Book
  • and that because of the screech of a cackle
  • one can be deprived of the song of the nightingale.
  • Say: O Ye divine saints,
  • it is incumbent upon you to hold fast to wisdom
  • and to that which is prescribed in the Book.
  • I advise you to observe that which is in the Divine Book.
  • Today everyone who obeys it is of the people of Bahá.
  • Say: It is incumbent upon you to do that which is meet and seemly.
  • It is incumbent upon you to do that which is good and worthy
  • so that the Cause of God, the Protector,
  • the Self-Subsisting will be manifest.
  • Upon Ye and upon the servants
  • and the handmaids of God be His Glory!
  • Rejoice in this bounty!
  • Say: Thanks be to Thee,
  • O thou imprisoned one, who makes mention of God.
  • Bahá’u’lláh


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