Provisional Translation

  • In the Name of Him Who is Rising from the Heaven of the Bayan
  • O Ibrahim,
  • By God, Khalil hath circumambulated the Cause of God
  • And hath confessed what the Tongue of Grandeur hath pronounced.
  • To that, the Tongue of God, the All-Glorious, is a Witness.
  • Proclaim the Glad-Tidings of coming of the Day of God
  • And His Sovereignty and His Grandeur and His Power
  • So that they may find the Knowledge of the Word of God
  • In this Blesses and Resplendent Day.
  • We have ordained every individual
  • To do that which exalts the station of The Word among our people
  • And we have revealed what embodies Grandeur
  • As a token of Our generosity for the souls,
  • However, most of the people of the nation are asleep.
  • They do not raise their heads from slumber, as if they are dead.
  • They do not respond.
  • They do not awaken to the sound of the clamoring
  • Nor to the Trumpets blowing.
  • Neither do they heed this Call that hath encompassed
  • the heavens and the earth.
  • We ask God, the Most Great,
  • To assist His servants to hold fast to the hem of His robe,
  • And to cling to His Most Mighty, Most Luminous cord.
  • We want to make mention of our maidservant who was with you,
  • Announce unto her the bestowals of her God
  • And brighten her heart with the light of My mention.
  • This is what we have decreed
  • And have revealed the verses from the heaven of God’s bestowals,
  • The All-Powerful,
  • The All-Mighty.
  • Bahá’u’lláh


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