Provisional Summary Translation

Provisional translation of excerpted themes of a Tablet from Bahá’u’lláh to Mullah Muhammad Shafí that contains significant instruction in advising the friends. It is partly in Farsi and partly in Arabic.

  • This tablet is revealed from The Realm on High
  • to the one who has born witness
  • to that which was revealed by The Tongue of Grandeur
  • and one who drank the wine of Revelation,
  • whose name is Muhammad Shafí.

  • His name has been remembered in The Holy Presence.
  • This tablet has been revealed by the Heaven
  • of the Will of God
  • and will endure in this world and the worlds to come.
  • That which was hidden in the heart of The Messenger
  • and was sealed is now revealed and made manifest.
  • Some have embraced this truth and drank their fill
  • from the hand of the Cup-Bearer
  • and some have violently opposed
  • and have caused the Prophet of God, Muhammad
  • and The Bab in the Highest Heaven to lament.
  • The followers of the Bayan, like the followers of the Quran
  • have clung to their vain imaginations
  • and are promoting hate and envy.
  • Not for a moment have they contemplated
  • on the outcome of the belief, action and deeds of the Shia Sect.
  • For twelve hundred years or more they have been educating
  • the helpless people with vain imaginings and have caused
  • the martyrdom of The Beloved of the World with their malice.
  • All the ignorant of Iran sought the martyrdom
  • and shedding of blood of The King of Eternity.
  • The meaning of “the ignorant” is the clergy of that land
  • who have caused enmity and denial of the people.
  • Bahá’u’lláh calls upon Mullah Muhammad Shafí
  • to make a mighty effort to protect the followers of the Religion of God
  • who are like God’s sheep, from these wolves of self and desire,
  • enabling them to be free from the dust of vain imagining
  • and to be illumined with The light of assurance and certitude ...
  • with the power of The Most Great Name adorn the believers
  • with the ornament of steadfastness, so that the evildoer witnesses
  • the Light of Fortitude from each and every one.
  • All the warnings in The Most Holy Book concerning
  • the land of Kaf (Kerman) and Ra have become manifest.
  • Bahá'u'lláh


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