Provisional Translation

  • He is the Supreme over His Cause. He is All-Powerful over His Creation.
  • May the first wave of exaltation that has risen from the sea of God’s mercy be upon you, O Vahid, thou mystery of the Qur’an and possessor of the secrets of the Bayan.
  • I testify, that thou hast tasted of the nectar of inspiration from the chalice of the Hand of His care and goodness hast attained the presence of Him who was the Promised One of all religions.
  • Thou hast turned thy attention when the Divine Call was raised and thou hast approached when the Exalted Horizon hath shown on the day when all in the kingdom of creation hath turned their backs on God the Lord of all men.
  • Thou hast uncovered the scent of the Great Announcement when it was wafted and the garment of the King of Eternity when it was shed.
  • I testify that thou hast championed the religion of God and His Cause with thy pen, thy tongue, and thy hand until thou didst sacrifice thy self in His path and didst quaff the sacred chalice of martyrdom in His Name and in His Love.
  • Thou were inebriated with the fountain of His True Knowledge until thou took flight with the wings of certitude to a space where nothing could be heard but the stirrings of the breezes of the mercy of Thy Lord, the King of all religions.
  • Thou art he through whom thy calamity, all the atoms of the universe wailed and the eyes of all creatures wept. I testify that in thee hast appeared the treasures of the earth and the pearls of the sea.
  • Through thee, the Head of True Knowledge was adorned with the Crown of the Bayan, thou who hast drank the sealed nectar in front of all eyes, in the Name of Thy Lord the Self-Subsisting.
  • The Glory that hath dawned from the Horizon of Bounty and the light that hath appeared from the Heaven of Justice be upon thee and upon all those who hath striven with thee and hath approached Him whom thou didst approach and hath turned their backs on him whom thou didst turn thy back: they who rose to champion the Cause of God with thee and in thy shadow and who have won thy presence and circled around thee.
  • I beg of Thee O my God and the God of Names, My Fashioner and the Fashioner of the Heavens, by the pearls of the Ocean of Thy Oneness and by the mysteries of Thy Book and by the sighing of those who have gained near access to Thee in their remoteness from Thee and by the cries of the sincere ones, by their separation from Thee and by this sacred resting place and this exalted shrine to forgive me and to forgive my parents and whosoever has come nigh unto or will continue to come nigh unto this purified tomb, hath visited it or will continue to visit it for Thy sake, O King of Destiny. Moreover, I ask Thee of My Lord, by Him and by them who were martyred in Thy Path to supply me with the necessities of life and to supply the necessities of Thy creatures who kept hold of Thy Covenant and who tasted the sweetness of Thy Utterance.
  • Thou art the Sovereign, the All-Knowing the All-Wise.
  • Bahá’u’lláh

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