Provisional Translation

He is the Most Glorious!
In consideration of His Excellency Mirza Ahmad, the son of Mirza Hussein

Upon him be the Glory of Glories!
He is the Most Glorious!

  • O thou who art enlightened by the light of the Heaven of Knowledge!
  • I swear by that Spirit
  • which is The Fashioner of the World,
  • when I call to mind the friends of the Abha Beauty
  • every sadness changes to joy,
  • every sorrow and grief disappears,
  • and as the sweet fragrance of the Love of God
  • wafts from the garden of the friend’s hearts
  • it perfumes the nostrils of the fervent ones
  • like the breeze of friendship drifting from the Sacred Gardens.
  • The heart is charmed and attracted.
  • The spirit is elated and blissful.
  • The gates of love and fragrance are opened.
  • The verses of enthusiasm and knowledge are elucidated,
  • as we are ever watchful for signs and clues,
  • looking for the appearance of energy radiating
  • from the Sacred Truths,
  • captivated by the delicate scent of Mystical Knowledge.
  • O God,
  • confirm Thy pure servants
  • to be endowed with the Signs of Thy Divinity
  • and to be inflamed
  • with the fire kindled in The Tree of Thy Oneness.
  • Upon thee be The Glory!
  • 'Abdu’l-Bahá


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