Provisional Translation

  • A prayer asking for forgiveness
  • For the one who wanted to see his Lord; Mírzá Ibrahim
  • And for his wife, a lady who believed in God,
  • Who believed in Bahá’u’lláh
  • And who passed on to the Realm on High.
  • O God, My God,
  • Hearts are ablaze with the fire of Thy Love and attraction.
  • The flames of yearning have intensified!
  • And the wailing of separation hath reached
  • The Heaven of Loyalty!
  • Holy souls have abandoned their earthly habitation
  • And have rushed to be at the side of Thy Mercy
  • In the Everlasting Paradise:
  • The place where loyalty was attained
  • And praises were sung in Thy Celestial Garden,
  • Where they have rendered continual thanks
  • And have sung continual praise of Thee,
  • O Lord of Existence and Bounty.
  • One of them, your servant Ibrahim,
  • Who placed the Crown of Thy Love on his brow
  • Has hurried from the Land of Doubt
  • Until he reached the Land of Certitude.
  • O Lord,
  • Bestow upon him and upon his wife
  • Your grace and bounty from the World of Mystery
  • And pour upon them everlasting existence,
  • O Lord of Attainment,
  • And clothe them both
  • With the garment of forgiveness,
  • O Lord of Mercy,
  • Thou are the Forgiver,
  • The Generous,
  • The All-Powerful,
  • The Kind.
  • 'Abdu’l-Bahá


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