Provisional Translation

  • He is God
  • Nayriz
  • Agha Siyyid Jafar
  • May The Glory of God rest upon him!
  • O Thou who art uttering the praise of the Beloved of the world,
  • if Thou hast an eloquent tongue, engage it to praise The veilless Beauty of The Beloved.
  • If Thou hast clear speech, engage it in praising the attributes of the Desired One.
  • If Thou hast attentive eyes, look then to the Supreme Horizon, and
  • If Thou hast keen ears, listen to the song of the Dove of Holiness.
  • Every command of the Cause of God has an effect and each power has a clear sign.
  • The sign of vision and insight and the proof of guidance and truth is indeed manifest, it is not hidden.
  • The proof of the love for the Blessed Beauty is Divine Fragrance.
  • The sign of recognition of God is aid and assistance from the Spirit of Nearness.
  • May the light of Bahá be upon you
  • and upon all those aided by the Abha Kingdom.
  • 'Abdu’l-Bahá

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