Provisional Translation

  • He is the Most Glorious!
  • O thou who art always making mention of God!
  • Guide people in the path of God like unto a lighted lamp.
  • Be a herald among the people of the world
  • Like the favored angels.
  • Rise like a radiant star from the Horizon of the Love of God.
  • Surge like an overflowing sea by the winds of the Gifts of God.
  • Move like a springtime breeze
  • Wafting from the Mystic Garden to Heaven.
  • Lead like the illuminated morning of the Spiritual Horizons
  • To the Placeless Sun of Truth.
  • Be a speaking tongue and a true aurora.
  • Be a shooting meteor and a down pouring cloud.
  • Be a shining star and a glowing ray.
  • Be all-embracing truth.
  • Be a humble and modest being,
  • So that you may become an obvious sign,
  • A manifest banner,
  • An absolute proof
  • And a conclusive blessing
  • So that you may transform the reality of this world
  • Into Paradise by the Divine Breezes.
  • All of these will be achieved by steadfastness
  • And firmness in the Covenant of God.
  • 'Abdu’l-Bahá


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