Provisional Translation

  • Upon Him Be the Glory of God!
  • In the Name of Him Who Rose from the Horizon of Certitude
  • This is the Tablet, which God, the Merciful, hath revealed for the one who has turned toward Him and the one who has attained the Days of God, the Lord of the Day of Reckoning. Verily, This Wronged One remembered him over and over and God hath gazed toward him once again from The Realm on High. Abide by The Cause of God and proclaim the Name of Thy Lord with thine eyes set upon the Horizon from which The Divine Effulgence appears. Take hold the reins of the affairs of the Cause as we have commanded thee. Give the servants the Glad Tidings of this Revelation, the news of which was mentioned in previous Holy Books and revealed in The Bayan.
  • Verily, We heard thy call and answered thee. We observed thy approach and turned toward thee from this Holy Place that God hath made The Source of Inspiration. Make mention of Me to My friends on My behalf and illumine them with The Rays shining from The Horizon of My Most Exalted Pen, the Pen from which appears that which separates truth from falsehood.
  • Say: Hold fast the reigns of the injunctions that We have revealed regarding morality and conduct thyself accordingly. Know thou that they are the Army of God upon the earth. To this testifieth the One Who holds The Mother Book. Assist Thy Lord with goodly deeds through which His Cause will prevail in all the regions.
  • Say: Be My Trustees upon the earth so that every seeker shall inhale the fragrance of honesty and trustworthiness from thee. So have we illumined the Horizon of the Heavens of Utterance with the Sun of Knowledge. Happy is the one who perceived and woe unto every ignorant one who doubted. Give my greetings to all of the divine friends and be watchful at all times since The Day is Great and so is The Cause.
  • Say: O friends, mention the World Beloved with utmost love and fragrance and try to compensate for what ye have done, because there is no equal for this Day. Hold fast to the fear of God and behold the Realm of Glory. The Dawning Place of The Cause, The Source of Revelation has appeared. All of the Holy Books and Prophets and Messengers have given The Glad Tidings of This Day to the peoples of the world, but everyone is unaware except those whom the Lord has destined to be aware.
  • Jenab Ahmad has sent a letter to the Holy Threshold and has repented. We did absolve and forgive him. Thy Lord is verily the Supreme and the All-Bountiful. Beseech God to confirm all in whatsoever He pleaseth and loveth, and protect them from whatsoever is not revealed in The Book. He is able to do anything.
  • God willing, thy Excellency will arouse the depressed people with the warmth of the Love of God and guide them to the Straight Path. Be happy as thou were mentioned at His Threshold and this Tablet was revealed for thee. This is the letter, which testifieth to thee in all of the worlds of Thy Forgiving and Compassionate Lord.
  • Glory rest upon thee and upon those who have grasped the strong rope of God.


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