Provisional Translation

  • He is God!
  • O thou who art surrounded by immeasurable calamity!
  • Verily, those souls who joined the Supreme Concourse
  • were symbols of His grandeur.
  • The Horizon of this world was illumined
  • with the light of their countenance.
  • They were the daysprings of Divine Love
  • and the fountainheads of His Knowledge.
  • By God,
  • their departure from the horizon of this world
  • is the cause of great regret and sorrow,
  • for as those luminous rays
  • returned to the Sun of Truth,
  • as those birds of the Meadow of Recognition
  • winged their way to the Mystic Garden of Oneness
  • like lovers of beauty and truth,
  • they were united with their True Love. 
  • We should be comforted and remember
  • the afflictions that befell the Ancient Beauty
  • and beseech God that we, too,
  • may drink the eternal camphor from the crystal cup
  • offered by the Hand of His Favor
  • and pray that we, too,
  • may attain such a great bestowal.
  • They have achieved a joyous ending
  • by having responded to the Divine Call,
  • by having attained the recognition of the Ancient Beauty,
  • by having tread the path of His Good Pleasure
  • and by having held fast with the utmost strength
  • to the cord of His Covenant.
  • By God, this is the Most Magnificent Grace.
  • 'Abdu’l-Bahá


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