Provisional Translation

  • (Tablet is in ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s own handwriting)
  • He is God!
  • For the visitation of His Excellency Mulla Muhammad Shafi’
  • who hath ascended to the Abha Kingdom!
  • He is The Most Glorious!
  • Upon thee be the Glory of God and His praise,
  • and His mercy, and His favor,
  • O thou who hast believed in God,
  • gained certitude in His signs
  • testified to the truth of His words,
  • were consumed by the fire of His love,
  • radiated with the light of His Oneness,
  • and were illumined by the Sun of His Mercy.
  • I testify that thou hast believed in the Essence of the Desired One,
  • were set ablaze by the fire lit in the tree of existence
  • reached the station of elucidation and inspiration,
  • soared on the wings of the Unity of God to the zenith of existence
  • and gained sustenance from the Most Praised Station, the Nearness to God.
  • Thou hast served The Cause of Thy Lord,
  • struggled in the pathway of The Beloved
  • and were guided to the Fashioner,
  • who created thee and gave thee distinction.
  • I implore God to give thee residence in the abode of His Mercy,
  • to admit thee to the Paradise of His Reunion,
  • to give thee to drink from the Cup of His Bestowal,
  • to allow thee to enter into the shade of the Sadrat’ul-Muntahá
  • and make thee like unto a lamp shining in the Mansions of the Abha Kingdom.
  • God hath confirmed thee by His bounty
  • and this is indeed through His grace and His generosity,
  • which he bestows upon whomsoever He will.
  • 'Abdu’l-Bahá


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