Provisional Translation

  • He is the All-Glorious!
  • O Shafi, O thou who hath been interceded for by others!
  • By God, The True One,
  • Thy Lord’s bounty hath been overflowing.
  • The river of His bounty hath swelled.
  • The ocean of His bounty hath raged
  • in this Most Great Epoch,
  • in this Most Glorious Age,
  • in this New Century.
  • By thy life, multitudes have interceded
  • in The Day of The Manifestation of Thy Most Glorious Lord
  • on behalf of sinful servants and their ancestors.
  • This intercession hath been accepted.
  • Their hearts were opened and healed
  • through obtaining their Heart’s Desire
  • and attaining this praiseworthy station.
  • It behooves us to sing His praise
  • to give His Holiness unending glory.
  • Abandon the reins of hesitation!
  • Let loose thy tongue among the inhabitants of this world.
  • in the gatherings of the believers.
  • Sing with thy best melodies
  • in remembrance of The All-Merciful and cry out:
  • O Deprived ones, arise with gladness.
  • Come to glory on this Great Path!
  • O Hopeless ones, arise with gladness.
  • Come to glory at this refreshing and pure spring!
  • O Sincere ones, arise with gladness. Come to glory
  • through firmness in this Most Great Covenant!
  • O Wavering ones in the Covenant, bemoan your certain loss!
  • O Steadfast ones, arise with gladness. Come to glory.
  • Abide in your heavenly home in the Most Glorious Kingdom!
  • O Well-Anchored ones, arise with gladness. Come to glory
  • in the paradise of God’s good pleasure and His abundant bestowals!
  • Glory be upon you and upon all who are steadfast and firm in the Covenant of God!
  • 'Abdu’l-Bahá


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