Provisional Summary

A tablet from 'Abdu'l-Bahá for Mullá Muhammad Shafí

  • Recently a special tablet for Mullah Muhammad Shafí was revealed and forwarded to him along with another Tablet of Visitation for His Holiness Vahíd:
  • This is the Day of rejoicing for the Truth hath been made manifest.
  • His call hath been raised.
  • The world is illumined and adorned with its light.
  • Beseech God to grant you patience.
  • This is the warning the Pen of The Most High has imparted in the past and in the future. Some among the people of the Bayán disguise themselves in any form to perchance entrap the believers.
  • We beseech God to adorn all with the ornament of patience so that the entire world will not be able to deter them from This Path.

In the margin it is written:

  • Whatever has been received by Amin is acceptable in Our Presence.


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