Provisional Summary

A tablet from Bahá’u’lláh to Shafí

  • We extend greetings to the friends of God and impart the Glad Tidings from the Ocean of His Bounty.
  • O people of Noon (Nayriz), praise and salutation be upon you.
  • From the early days of this Cause you have obtained to that which the people of the world have been ignorant and in the path of God you suffered what has brought sorrow to the Concourse on High.
  • Whatsoever has happened and will happen in the path of God has been said and recorded in the Heavenly books by the Pen of Glory.
  • This is the Great Glad Tiding for you.
  • No act has been wasted and its reward is stored in God's presence.
  • His Holiness Amin has remembered you.
  • You have commemorated your Lord in the past and will commemorate Him in the future.
  • Service to the Almighty is teaching His Cause.
  • Guiding the people has been and will continue to be achieved by pure and goodly deeds performed in the spirit of compassion and love.
  • We beseech God to aid you to achieve that which is desired by Him.


Tablets to Shafí

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