Tablet 105: From 'Abdu'l-Bahá to Mullá Muhammad Shafí

Provisional Translation

  • He is the Most Glorious!
  • O thou who praises God,
  • who art firm in the Divine Covenant!
  • The sighs and moans uttered by your heart and your soul
  • set ablaze by the fire of the love of God and
  • pained by the separation from the Beloved of the World
  • caused my heart to pound and my soul to tremble.
  • My eyes are tearful and my body yearns for the fire
  • kindled by the lives of those who suffer from The Separation,
  • ignited by the very existence of those who were stricken.
  • Even the most hardened heart melted because of the heat,
  • became the companion of the sighs and the moans,
  • and an intimate of the sad and grieving melodies.
  • As the pain of The Separation became more severe
  • and the raging inferno increased,
  • the sea of sorrows surged high
  • and the fire of regret rained sparks upon them.
  • Still, that Daystar of the Dawning Place of Oneness
  • arose in the Heaven of Eternity,
  • ever shining in the Singleness of the Horizon of Holiness.
  • That Most Great Sun is always manifest
  • and victorious in His Heaven of Singleness
  • emanating through His Rays of Uniqueness.
  • The Grace of the Abha Kingdom
  • has surrounded the Dominion of Existence
  • and the Rays of the Realm On High have illuminated
  • and brightened the World of Possibilities and Placelessness.
  • The Waves of the Greatest Sea
  • have quenched the thirsty shores of Creation,
  • scattering far and wide the Pearls of Knowledge and Wisdom.
  • If the horizon of the nether world is darkened,
  • praise be to God, the Exalted Realm is always luminous.
  • Successive waves of grace flow continuously.
  • Divine radiant splendor shines incessantly.
  • O Ye Lovers of the True Spiritual Friend!
  • It is the time to be ignited by the Fire of Love and Attraction,
  • to be stunned by the Beauty of the Truth!
  • Be neither dejected nor depressed!
  • Seethe and roar like the sea!
  • Scatter pearls like waves!
  • The wind moves the waves that scatter the pearls!
  • Be benevolent to all the people of the world.
  • Uphold justice and equity among all the people.
  • Be the sign of mercy and the dawning place
  • of the compassion of The Ancient Beauty.
  • Endeavor to reform and reconcile.
  • Strive to acquire divine virtues and attributes, so that
  • like unto the trees in the Garden of Mercy, ye may bear leaves and fruits
  • and ye may be as generous as the abundant clouds of springtime.
  • I swear, by the Essence of Existence
  • and the effulgent sun of the seen and the unseen,
  • that if, today, even one of those who prostrate themselves before God
  • were to arise in accordance with the Divine Injunctions
  • and steadfastness in The Covenant,
  • to diffuse the Word of God among the people
  • and walk on the path of patience and peace,
  • then the grace of the Abha Kingdom will confirm him
  • and the glorious victories of the Realm on High
  • will descend upon him unceasingly.
  • May Ye be Blessed by this Most Great Bounty, O Ye, Friends of God!
  • If it be the Will of God,
  • May His Excellency, Muhammad Hasan be radiant.
  • May His Excellency, Haji Muhammad Rahim be as a divine sign.
  • May His Excellency, Sheikh Mohsen find shelter under the protection of God
  • May His Excellency, Nad Ali be awakened by the call of God.
  • May His Excellency, Abu’l-Quasem be the disseminator of the Love of God.
  • May His Excellency, Mirza Ahmed be one who gives praise for the Bounty of God.
  • May His Excellency, Mirza Fatho’l-lah be satisfied by the Decree of God and may he become a kind father to the remaining family members of Mirza Jalal.
  • May His Excellency, Agha Baba Bala cast his glance toward the World Above.
  • May His Excellency, Mirza Yusef attain the Egypt of the Love of God.
  • May His Excellency, Mullah Muhammad Baquer grow in the Knowledge of God.
  • May His Excellency, Mirza Baba be inflamed by the Divine Fire.
  • May His Excellency, Mirza Hussein glide high in Divine Knowledge.
  • And may His Excellency, Abdu'l-Hussein be the symbol of Divine Remembrance.
  • May their spirit be present in every divine gathering of the friends.
  • Extend my greetings to all of the divine friends from the youngest ones to the oldest ones.
  • Besides this, extend my most glorious and vibrant greetings to the handmaidens of God.
  • Upon thee be His spirit and His glory!
  • 'Abdu’l-Bahá


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