Nayriz Shuranguis (Nayriz Enlivened) by Shaykh Baha'i Ahdieh

The exceptional book by Shaykh Baha'i Ahdieh about the history of the Babi and Baha'i Faith in Nayriz, which was completed in 1978, represents the culmination of an extraordinary process that began in the middle of 19th century. Three generations in a family of scholars were involved in this process, namely, Mulla Muhammad Shafi (1841-1900), his son Shaykh Muhammad Husayn (1880-1942), and Husayn's son Shaykh Baha'i. Each wrote a book about the history of the great upheaval and its following developments in the ensuing decades associated with the appearance of the Baha'i Faith in Nayriz. While none of these books have been published yet, Shafi's writings became the source material for Nabil's immortal book The Dawn-Breakers in the chapter addressing the Nayriz upheaval as it has been acknowledged by him. Furthermore, Shafi’s and Hosayn’s books have been the primary source of information for almost all other books, papers, and translation works about Nayriz by a variety of writers who almost never acknowledged and credited authors of the original materials. However, it is certain that both Shafi and Husayn are satisfied with the works of such authors to the extent that they have inspired readers with the wonderful spirit of service and sacrifice exemplified by the Babi and Baha’i heroes and heroines of Nayriz.

Shaykh Baha’i’s book is now offered online for the first time although copies have been extensively in circulation for over thirty years. The hope is that the amazing spirit of this book like the other two books would continue to move readers, researchers, and authors to rise and not only spread the news about the healing message of God’s new revelation, whose powerful impact on people’s lives is the subject of this book, but also act according to the dictates of this new revelation. The seed of this message, which unequivocally ordains the establishment of unity of mankind as the driving force and central theme for a new global civilization, was sown in 1848 in Nayriz, as was in other towns and villages of 19th century Iran, by no less a majestic figure than the Bab’s most illustrious disciple and former special envoy of King Muhammad Shah of Iran Seyyed Yahya Darabi Vahid. Shaykh Baha’i’s family were brought into the Faith by Vahid, who called the first convert from the family, the prominent judge of Nayriz, Shaykh Abdu’l-Hosayn, the first martyr of the Cause in Nayriz before he was murdered for accepting the new religion. The story of Abdu’l-Husayn’s sacrifice and others and their families in Nayriz is recorded in this book.

At least one lesson learned from reading this book by any insightful observer is that just like in Mecca of 7th century, in Nayriz of 19th century the all-conquering power of God once again transformed the lives of humble human beings in a remote area to become the harbingers of a new world civilization. These immortal souls saw in the dawning light of the new Revelation of God the potential splendor and glory of the powerful light of unity that could illumine the whole world, as Baha’u’llah has penned down. While saluting those great souls whose story of sacrifice is related in this book, it was the wish of Shaykh Baha’i to dedicate the book to countless others who have continued in their footsteps and upheld the tradition of dedication to God’s Cause in his and subsequent generations.

Nayriz Shuranguis

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