Mullá Muhammad Nayrizi

According to the distinguished historian Fazel Mazandarani, in his book Zuhurul Haq, Mullá Muhammad Nayrizi is characterized by his unquestionable loyalty to Vahid during the first upheaval of Nayriz. He was known for his desire and perseverance to seek revenge against those he considered as enemies of the Bábís.

He left his wife, two small children and 12-year-old blind brother to join Vahid in the Khájih Fortress during the first upheaval. His family was very much against this move. His wife and the children went to the wall of the Khajih Fortress crying and begging him to show pity on them and to return home. He resolutely refused their request. He told them that he had begun a journey of love and would not stop until he had met his Beloved. Not long afterwards, while riding outside the fort at night he was shot in the face, then captured and sent to prison.

With the help of a childhood friend, he escaped from prison and went to the city of Estahbanat where he stayed for six months to recover from his wounds. While in Estahbanat, the governor of Nayriz arrested his parents and his twelve-year-old blind brother, Asghar. The government agents cruelly tortured the little boy daily with a hot iron in front of his mother. The governor demanded his family transfer titles to their land and homes to the governor. They had no choice. Tragically, Asghar died as the result of so much torture. Mullá Muhammad returned to Nayriz after the death of his brother. Enraged by the tales of torture and atrocities directed at his family, he vowed to revenge the injustice. He blamed the Sháh of Iran for all the atrocities directed at Bábís across the county and left Nayriz for Tihrán with the intention of killing the Sháh. A few other Bábís including Muhammad Sadeq Tabrizi joined him. The group assassination attempt in August of 1852 failed and the angry Sháh ordered the would-be assassins to be arrested. They were tortured and put to death.

Mullá Muhammad Nayrizi had two sons: Muhammad Karim and Hájí Muhammad Rahim, whose daughter Laqa Khanum was Adib Taherzadeh's mother and a relative of the Misaghi families. Laqa Khanum married Hájí Muhammad Taher Malmiri, the famous historian. She was the granddaughter of Siyyid Ja'far-i-Yazdi, companion of Vahid in the Khájih Fortress in Nayriz.

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