Mullá Ali Naqí

Mullá ‘Alí Naqí was the son of Mullá ‘Abdu'l Husayn, the elderly man who greeted Vahid and who later gave his life for the Bábí Faith. Mullá ‘Alí Naqí was the father of Mullá Shafi, the distinguished historian, whose diary we referenced extensively for the book. He is one of my ancestors.

There is not much information about Mullá ‘Alí Naqí. We do know that he was a Mullá, a scholar and that he valiantly served the cause along with his father, brothers and uncles in the first and second Nayriz upheavals. According to Faizi, Mullá ‘Alí Naqí participated in the second mountain upheaval with Sardar, as his principal assistant. According to the historian Fazel Mazandarani, Mullá ‘Alí Naqí showed great courage in battle. On one occasion, Mullá ‘Alí Naqí said that he would take part in just one more attack that day, even though he was tired and weak. While he was screaming “Yá Sáhibu'z-Zamán!” (Lord of the Age) and attacking the enemy, he took a bullet to the head and was killed that day.

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