Muhammad Mírzá Aqha

Son of Mírzá Ibráhím Khoshnevis, Mírzá Aqha, was my great grandfather on my father's side. Like his father, he had very good handwriting and transcribed the holy book, the Kitáb-i-Aqdas and the Kitáb-i-Íqán, which were distributed throughout Iran. Mírzá Agha married, Fatimih, niece of the celebrated Sardar, leader of the second Nayríz upheaval fought primarily on the mountain. As life in Nayriz became unbearable for him, due to persecutions, he moved to Isfahan and then to Tihrán where he married and established three distinguished Bahá'í families: Sadeghpoor, Sadegheyan and Fadai whose descendants are my second cousins. Mírzá Agha's daughter from his wife in Nayriz, Saheb Jan married Shaykh Muhammad Husayn (my grandfather) who was the son of Mullá Muhammad Shafi, the eminent historian.

Tablets to Mírzá Aqha

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