Khavar Sultan

Khavar Sultan was the daughter of Fatimih and Shaykh Muhammad Husayn Vafa. During the second upheaval, which took place on the mountains south of Nayriz, Fatimih fought along with her husband. After the war, they beheaded her husband. The soldiers carried his head aloft a spear, while she was one of the prisoners who followed on foot all the way to Shiraz. Fatimih's son died on the way to Shiraz from the lack of food. It was in Shiraz that she met and married Shaykh Muhammad Husayn, surnamed Vafa. Khavar Sultan was also grandniece of the Imam Jumih of Shiraz, the leading mullá of the town, who on a number of occasions had saved the life of the Bab.

Khavar Sultan married Mullá Muhammad Shafi after his first wife died. She moved to Nayriz where she became quite a capable and leading figure like her father Vafa. She was a role model for all the women of Nayriz. She used her ability to read, write, and lecture and helped the Babi and Bahá'í women in town. She was a teacher in the Bahá'í schools. Often at weddings she was the adviser to the family and at memorials she was the one to provide comfort to others.

During the Third Upheaval, Khavar Sultan, along with other women and children went into hiding in the mountains. She had to say goodbye to her son, Shaykh Muhammad Husayn and the other men who had escaped. For two months she and other family members were able to hide in the homes of non-Bahá'í relatives.

Khavar Sultan raised five wonderful children. She had been the recipient of many tablets from both Bahá'u'lláh and ‘Abdu'l-Bahá. Most of the tablets were revealed following the Third Upheaval, however they were lost in the major flooding that destroyed parts of Nayriz. She died at age 68.

Tablets to Khavar Sultan

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