Adib Taherzadeh

Adib Taherzadeh, a distinguished member of the family who served the faith throughout his life. He died January 26, 2000 in Haifa, Israel. Born in the city of Yazd April 29, 1921, his father was Taher Malmiry, a historian, and his mother was Lagha Khanum. Both were from distinguished Bábí families. He spent his childhood and youth in Yazd where he was subject to a great deal of abuse and criticism by his classmates and others in town. He moved to Tihrán where he studied electrical engineering at the University of Tihrán. In the 1950's a British engineering company hired him. He stayed with the same company until the mid 80's.

Adib went to England in 1948 to do graduate work, returning to Iran after one year. The National Spiritual Assembly of the British Isles, as it was known then, wrote a few times and asked him to return to England. He always refused as England was not a pioneer goal for Iran at that time. Eventually the National Assembly wrote to Shoghi Effendi, and Shoghi Effendi approved that Adib should go to England. For about one year he was in Glasgow in Scotland.

Shoghi Effendi then wrote and said that he should go to Ireland, which at that time was under the jurisdiction of the National Assembly of the British Isles. Adib moved to Dublin and stayed there until 1988. In 1972 the National Spiritual Assembly of the Republic of Ireland was formed and Adib was elected to that body, he served as its chairman until 1976 when he was appointed as a European Counsellor. He served in that position until 1988, when he was elected to the Universal House of Justice.

A distinguished part of his life was the authorship of many Bahá'í books, in particular the four-volume history about the life and the writings of Bahá'u'lláh: The Revelation of Bahá'u'lláh.

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