Hussein Ahdieh thanks the many people who have applied their talents and expertise to help make the book AWAKENING: A History of the Babí and Bahá'í Faiths in Nayriz and this companion website possible. Their persistence and doggged determination have been catalysts in transforming a concept into a lasting reality. Among those who helped as of 20 October 2014 are...

Parham Abdi
Tahereh Ahdieh
Sarah Ahmadi
Nasrin Akbarzadeh (Atlanta GA)
Mona Alizadeh Anvari
Iraj Ayman
Najla Baghdadi
Talat Bassari
Vivian Bergenthal
Soheil Bushrui
Anita Chapman
Catherine Chapman-Wong
Hillary Chapman
Hussein Rodrigo Cornell
Roger Dahl
Nosrat Dehghan
Khazeh Fananapazir
Sharokh Fani
Hoshmand Fathazan
Mehirdad Fazli
Talie Ferdowsi
Farinaz Firouzi
Willem Floor
Miguel Gil
Robert Hanevold
Nabil Hanna
Habibullah Hessami
Sepher Homayoon
Faruq Izadinia
Abbas Jannat
Hasan Javadi
Maziar Jazzábi
Tatiana Azad Jordan
Nayireh Karambakhian
Nwandi Lawson
Mahbobeh Mahboobi
Abir Majid
Pellom McDaniels
Iraj Misaghi
Peter Murphy
Ali Nakhjavani
Diane Nosseir
Michael Penn
Vahid Rafati
Mehdi Rajabzadeh
Niloofar Rouhani
Shidrokh Rouhani
Sana Rouhani
Jahántáb Sardári
Shoja’ádin Sardári
Martha L. Schweitz
Fatimih Shahidpour
Hooshmand Sheshberadaran
Mohebat Sobhani
Afaf Stevens
Ali Tavangar
Velimir Tchatchevsky
Doreen Velnich
Rosann Velnich
John Weigley
Christopher White
Ehsan Yarshater

I would like to extend special thanks to these people...

Tatiana Azad Jordan was my right-hand person in making this site a reality. She devoted many hours to researching a wide gamut of subjects and kept the project moving on a day-to-day basis. Her Website is

Robert Hanevold, a professional Web designer and developer, programmed the site including its multimedia aspects, contributed to its design, provided the information architecture, and was a dependable source of technical advice. His Website is

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